Toy Goldendoodle (14 - 24 lbs Full Grown)

Toy Goldendoodle (14 - 24 lbs Full Grown)

The American Golden Retriever, and Poodle were crossed to create the Toy Goldendoodle. The breed was made in the USA in the early 2000s, during a time when blending purebreds was fashionable. The breeders deliberately combined them to create a little dog. A Toy Goldendoodle was created as a result.

Toy Goldendoodles are tiny dogs with incredibly lovable personalities. These dogs form a particular affinity with their family members and are highly gentle. Due to their high level of intelligence, they have a unique awareness of the human family. Seniors who own this dog will find it the perfect emotional support. They also get along well with pets, kids, and strangers in the house. Their small size makes them ideal as an apartment dogs. They don't say anything unless they notice unusual behavior inside their home, making them the perfect watchdog. This breed has friendly and loyal traits from its parents, 

By getting a puppy from us, you get the following kit:

  • A puppy starter kit, including a bag of quality dog food, a mama-scented blanket, and all vaccinations up to date.
  • A puppy that has been started on bite inhibition, potty, and crate training.
  • Early Neurological Stimulation performed on each pup daily. ENS is a series of exercises performed almost from birth that has been shown to make dogs smarter, strengthen their hearts and other vital body systems.
  • A well socialized puppy that has been played with several times a day by multiple people. All of our puppies are excellent with children.
  • Support provided to answer any questions that might your dog's life.

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