Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?
Getting A Puppy From Us
  • We believe that healthy parents create healthy puppies, and health testing provides us with a gold standard of assurance in this regard.
  • We also understand that when choosing a family pet, it’s really important to know that your dog will have an exceptional temperament. We strive to ensure the dogs we breed have gentle and loyal temperaments.
  • Early Neurological Stimulation performed on each pup daily. ENS is a series of exercises performed almost from birth that has been shown to make dogs smarter, strengthen their hearts and other vital body systems.
  • A well socialized puppy that has been played with several times a day by multiple people. All of our puppies are excellent with children.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-shedding.
  • Support provided to answer any questions that you might have during your dog's life.    
  • Each puppy comes with a puppy starter kit, including a bag of quality dog food, a mama-scented blanket, and all vaccinations up to date.
  • A puppy that has been started on bite inhibition, potty, and crate training.            
  • Because of our commitment to creating the perfect miniature sized goldendoodles, we are a premier Goldendoodle breeder. Many of our clients come by word of mouth referrals, while other clients return a second time for additional puppies. We are extremely grateful for our loving furever families!